Tuesday, 18 May 2010

For God, Harry & St George!

St George was born in Coventry. Honest. Caludon Castle. Okay, like a certain tale about a naked lady riding on horseback through Coventry it's a bit of a tall story, but what the heck! In 1996 when football (almost) 'came home' we all decided we were English first and British second, and all the devolved assemblies and parliaments for the other component parts of the United Kingdom has just added fuel to the fire, igniting "Englishness" on a rampant scale and calls for a public holiday on April 23rd so George can be properly celebrated. It would be a big crowd pleaser for sure and I for one think fears of white extremists hijacking the day are unfounded. A few drunks rambling on about not surrendering to the I.R.A. hardly justifies the paranoia. Anyway, on the day itself Coventry put on various events in the city centre. One of which was a performance of "George the dragon slayer" by local kids. I would have loved to have seen the dragon breathing fire but it was a good show all the same and well done to all concerned.



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