Saturday, 3 March 2012

Earlsdon, Earlsdon and more Earlsdon!

It's been a while folks! When I'm not doing my caring duties most of my spare time is spent helping organise this year's Earlsdon Festival and helping maintain various Earlsdon facebook pages. Oh, and Lieutenant Pigeon's facebook page and YouTube channel.

One of my main contributions to the Festival is to ensure that events take place across Earlsdon and are not just centred on Earlsdon Street, which will hopefully have it's moment in the sun on May Day when a road closure will be in place.

I've also done the lion's share of organising four music concerts to aid local charities.
Some of Coventry best bands - established and up-and-coming will be playing as well as one of my current favourites from Leamington - Sixtyfours. For the 'Samaritans Sunday' concert, we have a number of bands travelling from Tamworth and the Bluebeat Arkestra are coming from Brum! Massive respect - all bands have waived their booking fees for the Samaritans gig which is a live-aid style event taking place at the Spencer Club, 41 Albany Road from 12 noon to 12 midnight on Sunday 6th May.

Entry is just £5 on the door which includes readmission. Just over the road at Cafe Desire, 17 Broomfield Road, their will be free entry for 'Samaritans Sunday' unplugged (4pm-8pm) and Catch of the Day Fish Bar will be offering 25% off to anyone showing a valid ticket.

All ticket sales will be going to Coventry & District Samaritans who are based in Moor Street, Earlsdon.


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