Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Freerunning & Folk at the Godiva Festival 2010

After watching the procession on the Kenilworth Road, we joined the tail end of it and made our way into the War Memorial Park. Saturday is the main music day and way too crowded for us so we took in some of the tents and activities in the fun fair area. In the arena we watched an interesting display of falconry, an energetic performance by the "Free Runners" and a rather dull effort by the Cumberland Giants (giant inflatable wrestlers) which was one of those things that looks good in photographs but in reality didn't cut the mustard. Out of these three it was the "Free Runners" who stole the show:

The next day we returned to the festival but this time for some music. Sunday is the most relaxed and chilled out day music wise and not jam packed in terms of people. We spent a good few hours in the Rhythm Tent checking out the folk and folk / rock on offer. When we arrived Greenman Rising were midway through their set. Wish we'd got there earlier and saw all of it to be honest. Rip roaring stuff. A more mellow offering came from Borderline Crossing ably assisted by Will Pound on harmonica. Lucy Ward had us in awe with her stunning voice. On our last visit a few years back we witnessed a great performance by The QP and it was good to see them in fine form again: