Thursday, 16 September 2010

Nuclear Consent

In August we paid a visit to Airbase at Coventry Airport. It's a 'working hangar' rather than a museum with all aircraft being airworthy or in the process of being restored to airworthiness. The trip was very enjoyable and enhanced by the knowledgeable and friendly volunteer staff. The highlight of the day was a tour of the Nimrod and Joybert Jnr particularly enjoyed sitting in the pilot's seat. The plane was packed with an array of gadgets and intriguing buttons ( the more secret and sensitive ones had been removed by the RAF prior to them handing it over to Airbase ) with the 'Nuclear Consent' one pictured below making me pause for thought.

At the time of our visit the airport had not been granted all of the necessary flying licences so no pleasure flights were operating. The airport is now fully operational and pleasure flights have resumed. Overall the whole experience was a step-up from the nearby Midland Air Museum which is good but not as good as Airbase.


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